Hello Chameleon

Hello Chameleon is me, David Holman, and this is what I love to do.

User experience design

Content development, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, launch, optimize, repeat. UX Design should be there from the beginning. Interactive work

Brand identity

The brand exists out in the wild, in the public’s mind. A visual identity that seeks to influence that perceived reality must be honest, living, consistent yet dynamic. And it has to look really awesome. Branding Work

User-centered design

The “user” doesn’t just live in the digital space. Catalogs, books, brochures, even ads. And websites of course. If it’s not about the user it’s not worth doing. Full Portfolio

Harry & David mobile site

The great thing (and the most terrifying thing) about mobile is that we're all still figuring out exactly what e-comm looks like in the space. Some products are a perfect fit (Fab, Zappos, Fancy), others are a bit complicated. Being a gifting company, Harry & David faced some unique challenges for it's first foray into dedicated mobile. User's aren't shopping for themselves, quick browsing for last-minute gifts is the norm, and customers only visit a handful of times a year. Working around the desktop-centric under-pinnings of their platform, our team managed to develop a simple, speedy mobile site that made huge leaps in mobile conversion for Harry & David.

Harry & David search landing page

As we all now know, SEO is a big hairy beast with nasty pointy teeth. It takes a lot of man hours, research, code gazing, guessing, and luck to get it right. Of course, once you get all that "free" traffic, you better be sure you're optimized to convert it. This concept was aimed directly at the great numbers of first time visitors that were coming to Harry & David's site via search results. I took great care to pack a lot of brand messaging in without giving up the opportunity for the most important action: buying!

Soulation website

Soulation needed to simplify. After a long ideation process preparing for the third state of their site design the priority became clear: Get the audience past the vast content and on to what they need quickly.

A refresh of the brand and clarification of the site's offerings was tailored to their predominantly young audience. The home page focuses on getting right to the main areas of the site. Once the user dives into what they're after the options recede into a condensed header. On hover, everything becomes available again.

Harry & David product category page

H&D’s category page is, not surprisingly, a big conversion driver. It was the best place to shop their assortment but, it had gotten a little off the optimization course. I took my opportunity to wipe the page clean (without throwing out their learnings) and make this a slick buying environment for the user. Aside from general branding clean-up, I reorganized the product filters into a clearly understood position and added a collapse feature to assist with additional filters down the road; organized all product information into one typographically simple space; and opened up space in the template for larger images while bringing about 50 more pixels above the fold. In the end, they were so pleased with the results that the scheduled testing time was saved for more difficult decisions.

Harry & David product info page

This page does a lot of hard work. It’s easy to let all the data get away from you. This project had several expectations spread out over a testing schedule. The critical points were to find a way to incorporate up-sells right into the purchasing area; organize the basic product information (which had become somewhat haphazard); inch the cross-sells (big sales drivers) up on the page to catch more eyes; bring more attention (but not too much) to social sharing; carve out a place for more in depth product info that would serve the customer and search engines; and accomodate a bigger presentation of user reviews. We were able to test through the most critical season and the dollars were in our favor on every front.

Off Seventh identity

Off Seventh is a small, artistic salon in an affluent community where perfectly crafted, “custom hair design” is in demand. This identity concept centers around the development of multiple hair designs displayed on mannequins as a showcase for the studio’s creativity. The rough, custom lettering is a reflection of the salon’s focus on uniqueness and acts as a sort of artist’s signature.

Living Waters church identity

Living Waters discovered that people had heard of the good work they were doing but were confused about where this Living Waters was and who they were. They set out to make a stronger and more impactful connection with their community.

This mark is rough, handmade, personal. It never sits still yet it is deeply restful. There is a sense that it’s waters will never stop expanding, refreshing everything it touches. It is a most succinct way to convey the community-centered approach of the Living Waters church.

Lassen College site

Lassen CC had a new logo, a beautiful campus, and an educational vision for a future of growth. They just needed a more complete brand toolkit and a site to get the word out.

Soulation Year-in-Review mailer

Soulation, originally a husband and wife speaking/writing duo, was having an international impact. To keep pace with their growing opportunities they needed to bring some financial partners on board. This simple illustrative “annual report” was a concept to reach that end. It also acted as a catalast for a broader rework of the Soulation brand we were about to undertake.

Clint Jones, Attorney at Law

Clint’s a tough guy. He is personally invested in every case he takes on. Service is second to nothing. Venturing out on his own, Clint needed to tell the story of a firm but approachable style of representation. A public face that would separate him from the big name lawyer warehouses. This simple mark and straightforward tag line were the result of a quick and decisive ideation process to get his marketing rolling.